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Transport on own wheels is the main line of our every day business.

We care about a suitable insurance and of course you will receive from us  complete documentations according to the prescriptions in your trade  documents or L/c.

We care about suitable loading equipment in advance and prepare the trucks before shipment.

Treatment with wax can also be provided !

There is a long tradition of movements not only to European countries but also to Africa as well as the near middle east.

According to your demands we will arrange transport of your vehicles on own wheels, by lowbed, by rail, vessel or plane.

The selection of the vessel depends on the availability of either ferry,  RoRo- or conventional cargo carrier, according to the require  destination.

Our arrangement includes the advanced roadtransport, stowage on wagon, dismounting all parts to prevent them from getting stolen and wooden  covers fixed around the cabin.

Mainly deliveries to far places in the east are carried by rail - a proven relitable alternative.

A staff of well trained drivers is aware to move vehicles of any kind and size, trucks, drawbar combinations articulated units, heaviest cranes  or high-valued special units.

Truck - Transfer was founded in 1979 as a small but flexible forwarding  agency spcially matching the demands of vehicle producers and companies  running their own fleets of trucks.

Loading  of two oversized airfield refuelers. An additional wagon is needed in  between that the long vehicles will not damage eachother during transport.

own wheels…

by rail…

by see…

Leave it us to select the most convenient plane for your goods. Our  attendants will take care of loading and unloading and - upon demand -  will deliver the vehicles up to their final destination.

You need to speed up ? Maybe there is no other solution available?

Why not take an airplane ?

We take care about any kinds of paperwork, such as special licenses,  export formalities, or any other document you need to ensure a trade  without trouble !

Even biggest dimensions or haviest weights can be carried !

by plane…

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