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In 1980 we suceed to introduce ourselfes to the mineral oil co`s by some  kind of spectacular transport. 4 airfield refuelers with 85000 l volume  with Fiat tractors had to be collected from Rome and Milano to be  rebuilt in Hamburg. Each truck was 22 mtrs. long and 3,50 metrs. wide.  The speed was limited to 25 km/h wich caused a 10 day`s period for each  trip. They all arrived save and sound.

And in 1983 truck no 1000 could be handed over the new owners in Iraq -  without damage and without fail - same as all others before.

The basement of all was a training as a forwarding agent at Schenker`s in  hamburg.As a specialist for animaltransports carried out by truck, rail, ship or plane. A trorougly planned voyage was a must to secure  troublefree deliveries troughout the whole world.

The intensive fascination by trucks lead to an employment with Köhler,  Elmshorn, to gather basic knowledge about how to construct commercial  vehicles and to sell a heavy equipment in Africa and the Middle East.

Due never ending problems with the truck moving co`s we decided to start  our own business in 1979 to deliver the sold vehicles to the far away  clients in Bagdad, Teheran, Damascus, Kuwait, etc. It startet with  Köhler and soon other vehicle manufacturers were the follow.

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